Change to Terms

We may change these Terms from time to time to reflect changes in market condition affecting our business – changes in business, system, payment methods, technology and relevant laws and regulatory requirements. If we do so, we will inform you by sending you a message to the email address you have provided us with; however we are not obliged to, and such modification shall be effective upon our posting of the revised Term and Conditions on the Website.

User Restrictions

Information or data (“PREMIERE Assets”) accessed by you are for your personal use only and the distribution of such PREMIERE Assets are strictly prohibited.

Registration/ Enrollment

Anyone shall be accepted, regardless of age, gender, religious beliefs and socio-economic status who wants to pursue his/her dream of becoming a Certified Public Accountant. Anyone who has not yet enrolled is not an official reviewee of PREMIERE.

Late enrollment is allowed to a reviewee who enrolls after the regular registration period provided for in the academic calendar.

Reviewee must present these necessary documents required by PREMIERE.

  1. For employed reviewees, a copy of their company ID and 1×1 ID picture.
  2. For new graduates, a copy of valid ID (latest school ID shall be accepted) and 1×1 ID picture.

Scholarship and Discount

All interested applicants must send their Transcript of Record to for assessment. Shortlisted applicants will receive an email from the School and will proceed to the screening and interview by the Review Director.

Special price shall be granted to those who graduated with Latin honors. A Certificate of Honor should be provided when claiming the said discount.

Discount voucher claimed must be presented at the time of payment. Discount vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or in full and is valid for a single transaction only.

Reviewee Identification Card

All reviewees are required to have the registered PREMIERE identification card. It bears the most recent picture of the holder and indicates his/her batch number and reviewee number. Every reviewee is given a reviewee number that shall be his/her code number in all transactions inside the review center. The reviewee ID is given after confirmation of payment, either full payment or the downpayment for installment basis enrollee, before the start of regular classes.

Upon entrance to the room, the ID card is shown to the PREMIERE personnel. Reviewees without ID cards will not be allowed to enter. For those reviewees who opted to attend specific modules only, the schedule and list of modules are printed at the back of the ID card.

If the identification card is lost or damaged, an application form and a notarized affidavit of loss must be submitted for re-issuance of the ID.

Lending of one’s ID card to anybody else is strictly prohibited.

Fees and Payments

The Reservation Fee is deemed non-refundable, but it is deductible to the tuition fee.

Tuition fee, as well as deadline for payment, are announced to the reviewees prior to and during the enrollment period.

PREMIERE may increase tuition and other fees or may change special fees, provided, however that these fees are approved by the PREMIERE Advisory Council after proper consultation and research. If do so, it shall be sent through email and posted through PREMIERE’s official social media accounts.


A reviewee is prohibited from taking the first preboard examination and all review  and mentoring/coaching sessions moving forward if he/she failed to make his/her first installment payment prior to the first preboard examination date.

Preboard Examinations

Two preboard examinations are given each review period: the first preboard and the final preboard. Examination schedules and room assignments will be sent via email to the reviewees.  

Preboard examinations are either taken online or on-site. The on-site examinations are conducted in co-working hubs where majority of reviewees are located. The reviewee must pay the preboard examination to secure a validated examination permit from the Registration Office. This permit should be presented to the instructor before taking the examination. No reviewee shall be allowed to take the examination without the validated examination permit.

It is not required to take the preboard examination, but the reviewee is encouraged to do so for performance self-assessment purposes.

After the examination, the results can be accessed in the mobile app on the reviewee’s respective registered accounts and through the reviewee’s respective mentors/coaches if the former did not avail the mobile app. The results will be kept with strict confidentiality.

Mobile Application

Availment of the mobile application access, and payment of the fee, may be made either (1) during enrollment, in the accomplishment of the enrollment form; or (2) after confirmation of enrollment and during the review classes, through accomplishing a request form in the registration office.

Dress Code

Enrollees, reviewees, personnel and visitors shall follow the appropriate attire within the premises.

Thus, wearing of the following are not allowed:

  1. Shorts, short skirts
  2. Slippers
  3. Sleeveless, backless, and see-through tops, and crop tops alone
  4. Sando and muscle tees
  5. Caps, bonnets, shades

Mentoring and Coaching Sessions

During mentoring sessions, the mentors provide advice and specific knowledge about the area of support to their assigned reviewees. These sessions are held twice during the review period – after the first preboard and final preboard examination.

Coaching sessions helps the reviewees to achieve their goals or what they need to attain. This undergoes four phases, namely:

  1. First Phase – prior the first preboard examination
  2. Second Phase – after the first preboard examination
  3. Third Phase – prior the final preboard examination
  4. Fourth Phase – conducted any time after the third phase but prior to the actual board examination

Mentoring and coaching sessions may be done individually or by group. Individual mentoring and coaching sessions shall not exceed 20 minutes, while the group may last for one hour.

Reviewees are required to attend coaching sessions punctually, because in this manner, they benefit much from the mentors/coaches’ advice and knowledge.

All coaching sessions shall be made within the premises of PREMIERE. Exception is allowed provided that the session is between a coach and a reviewee of the same sexual orientation.

If for any unavoidable reason a reviewee is absent, he must coordinate it as soon as possible with his/her coach with the purpose of rescheduling it in another time available.


All bona fide reviewees of PREMIERE are authorized to access the library. Upon entry, students are expected to follow the rules and guidelines of conduct in the Library.

Library patrons are expected to follow these policies while inside the library premises:

  1. Observe silence, cleanliness, and orderliness in respect to other library users.
  2. Eating or drinking is allowed but keep it in a manner of not causing any troubles to other users.
  3. Conduct discussions and group meetings are allowed but maintain order and reasonable behavior in respect to other library users.
  4. Using personal electronic equipment at such a volume that is unreasonably disturbing to other library users is not allowed.
  5. Refrain from displaying public signs of affection.
  6. Do not take library materials out of the Library without permission from the PREMIERE personnel.

Sanctions for Violations

In case a reviewee has violated any provision on the policies of PREMIRE, after clear investigation, the individual shall be sanctioned accordingly. Expulsion from the review program, or other lawful sanction shall be implemented, provided this is discussed by the Review Director with the appropriate personnel and individuals.