PREMIERE CPA Review and Professional Development Center (“PREMIERE”) implements this Privacy Policy to protect the privacy and security of personal data of its employees, professionals and reviewees, in accordance with Republic Act No. 10173 or the Data Privacy Act (DPA) of 2012. This policy also provides guideline of PREMIERE in the collection, use, processing and disclosure of personal data.

Personal Data

PREMIERE obtains the personal data (or personal information) of enrollees, reviewees and personnel, including personal details, contact details, academic and financial records, employment information, and any other personal information within the scope of the DPA that is under the control and possession of PREMIERE.  It includes personal information, such as a person’s name, gender, home address, date of birth, religion, nationality, email address, emergency contact person, mobile or telephone number, academic degree, school or university and year graduated, current employer, employment status, and other information as required by the requirements of PREMIERE not contrary to law.

PREMIERE holds and processes the personal data collected from the enrollees, reviewees and personnel, for the purposes of identification of the individual, of addressing concerns appropriately, of evaluating performance, of enrollment statistics, of improvement of students, as well as for documentation.

Data Collection

PREMIERE may collect personal data, manually, electronically or online, whether in hard or soft copy, upon request at appropriate times, including, but not limited to:

  1. Accomplishment of forms required for the enrollment of the reviewees, employment of personnel, and delivery of PREMIERE’s services;
  2. Submission of documentary requirements to PREMIERE;
  3. Data regarding the IP addresses and cookies when online visitor visits the PREMIERE website; and
  4. Registration for access in the premises

PREMIERE collects the personal data, made with the valid consent of the data subject, through a written statement or through signature as acceptance to the agreement, to the declared purposes of PREMIERE of such personal information.

Data Processing

The data processing of PREMIERE includes manual or automated collection, recording, storage, organization, updating, modification, retrieval, use, computation, data analysis, and other processes performed to execute its purpose.

Use and Sharing of Data Collected

PREMIERE will not use, share, disseminate, or disclose any personal data with anyone, and in any online platform, except as stated in the Privacy Policy, or when legally required to do so, at the request of governmental authorities investigating of compliance to laws and regulations.

Personal data collected are shared by PREMIERE with selected authorized personnel for the processing of the data in connection to the enrollment of reviewees in PREMIERE, production of necessary reports, and data verification.

Review Performance Analytics

Included in the personal data collected from the reviewees, and as part of the review program of PREMIERE, is the scores of each reviewee from the quizzes and pre-board examinations. These data will be utilized through data analytics to assess the reviewees’ performance.

The assessed performance of each reviewee can be accessed only by the reviewee and the respective mentor (reviewer). All information collected and processed will be kept with strict confidentiality, from other mentors, reviewees, unauthorized PREMIERE personnel and third parties.

Review Modules and Sessions & Mobile Application

PREMIERE maintains the right to confidentiality of the review modules, podcasts, recorded lectures, and quizzes.

Only authorized personnel have access to the modifications made on the mobile application. The features and capabilities of the mobile application (PREMIERE CORA and JR) can be accessed exclusively only by the reviewees duly enrolled in PREMIERE. Duplication, distribution and/or sale of the contents of the mobile application by any PREMIERE personnel or reviewee are strictly prohibited. This includes the unauthorized recording of the live review sessions.

PREMIERE has the right to remove the reviewee from the review program and to provide suspension of work or dismissal for employees, after conduct of due process and found offense to be correct.

Authorized Personnel in Collection and Processing Data

PREMIERE has selected authorized personnel in monitoring and implementing policies and guidelines for the security and lawful use of personal data collected from its data subjects.

Data Retention and Disposal

PREMIERE will maintain personal data only if it is necessary and useful to its operations and used in its legitimate business purpose. It includes retention of some personal data in tracking the reviewee’s performance in the CPA licensure examination.

Any personal data that is classified not necessary and useful will be disposed of or de-identified in a secure and confidential manner.

Request for Modifications, Restrictions, Access or Complaint

PREMIERE will allow requests for modification or correction, restriction, access, or complaints, regarding to a person’s personal data collected by PREMIERE, provided that:

  1. The request is made with the valid consent of the data subject(s);
  2. The purpose of the request is not contrary to the business purpose of PREMIERE, to the Privacy Policy, or to any laws and regulations;
  3. The request is not vexatious or otherwise unreasonable; and
  4. Granting such request does not result to any misrepresentation/ misidentification of the data subject, and violation of any laws and regulations.

Rights of the Data Subjects

The rights entitled to every data subject of PREMIERE are:

  1. Right to be informed about the processing of data collected;
  2. Right to access, upon reasonable demand, certain information collected and processed by PREMIERE, such as the viewing reviewees’ performance analytics;
  3. Right to correct or modify information, except when request for correction is vexatious or otherwise unreasonable;
  4. Right to data portability;
  5. Right to object in data processing, except when:
    • the data needed is pursuant to a subpoena;
    • the collection and processing of personal data is for obvious purposes, including when it is necessary for the performance of or in relation to a contract or service or when necessary or desirable in the context of an employer-employee relationship, between the collector and the data subject; or
    • the information is being collected and processed as a result of legal obligation.
  6. Right to file complaint and provide necessary support
  7. Right to suspend, withdraw or order the blocking, removal or destruction of his or her personal information from PREMIERE’s filing system upon discovery and substantial proof that the personal information are incomplete, outdated, false, unlawfully obtained, used for unauthorized purposes or are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected.